You probably have a personality disorder

98% of the population has a mild to moderate personality disorder. If you don’t believe me you can take the test for yourself here.

Personality disorder types can be organized according to degree. The horizontal axis is the type of personality disorder while the vertical axis represents the magnitude of the disorder.  Most of the population  can be categorized as neurotic.  Psychotic (not to be confused with Psychopathic) is a state rarely scene in everyday life. Psychosis can be found in mental health institutions and in those who stop taking  their prescribed medication(s).



You may be asking why this is important. The reason is that every single issue in the world is influenced  and characterized by a small number of individuals with a higher than average personality disorder.

Going back to the personality disorder types, they can be divided into 3 clusters as seen below



The focus on this post is Cluster B, the dramatic or emotional.  Whether the topic is Mens Rights Activism, Black Lives Matter, Anti-Abortion, Climate-Change, Star Trek vs Star Wars, you will find that the most vocal people on both sides of the particular topic will have cluster B type personalities.

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